Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekly Fishing Report OHIO

Kyle Proxmire with a nice channel catfish caught Memorial weekend in Paulding County


Delaware Lake (Delaware County) - This 1,017-acre lake north of Columbus consistently provides quality crappie fishing.  Crappies move to deeper areas with cover as the water temperature warms, try fishing drop-offs with stumps or other wood.  Crappies must be 9 inches or longer to keep.  Channel catfish can be caught using cut baits and shrimp, especially in the upper part of the lake.  For largemouth bass, fish shoreline cover, riprap, and secondary drop-offs with crankbaits, tubes and creature baits.  Largemouth bass must be 12 inches or longer to keep.

Kokosing Lake (Knox County) - This lake of 149 acres in Knox County is limited to outboard motors of 10 horsepower or less.  Largemouth bass are being caught around shoreline cover and along the dam using crankbaits and tubes.  Bluegills are in shallow areas, try wax worms or night crawlers under a bobber.  Crappies have moved to deeper water.  Use minnows or crappie jigs fished under a slip bobber around cover or the old creek channel for best results.   Channel catfish can be caught on chicken livers, shrimp, or night crawlers fished on the bottom.

Ottawa Reservoir (Putnam county) - Bluegill are being caught in the mornings by casting a wax worm or a white twister tail grub.  The south dike is producing the best catches.

Ferguson Reservoir (Allen County) - Bluegills are being caught during the daytime by still fishing wax worms, night crawlers, and crickets or by casting jigs.  Near the boat ramp is the best spot.  Crappies are also being taken in good numbers at Ferguson.  They are being caught mornings, afternoons, and evenings by still fishing wax worms, night crawlers, and crickets, or by casting jigs.   The east and south banks seem to be the best spots for crappies.

Lost Creek Reservoir (Allen County) - Saugeye are being taken at all times of the day and night by drifting night crawlers and leeches and by trolling bottom bouncers and worm harnesses.  Fishing is good all over the reservoir.

Bressler Reservoir (Allen County) - Channel catfish are being taken at all times of the day and night by still fishing, using slip bobbers, or balloon fishing night crawlers and shrimp.  Fishing is good all over the reservoir.  Walleye are also being taken here during the dawn, dusk, and night time hours.  Fishing leeches and night crawlers under a slip bobber is working well as is drifting or trolling worm harnesses and shallow crankbaits.  The east and south banks seem to be producing the best catches.

Spencer Lake (Medina County) - A few reports of evening catfish bites have begun to trickle in.  Look for the bite to turn on full swing in the next week or so.  This 78-acre lake provides ample shoreline opportunity to hook into these nighttime fishing delights.  Catfish are bottom feeders that rely mainly on their sense of smell to find food.  The stinkier the bait, the better the results.  Try a night crawler, sticky dough baits, cut bait, or chicken liver on bottom for best results.

Shreve Lake (Wayne County)
- The catfish bite is picking up on this 62-acre lake as well.  Target these fish the same way as mentioned above.  The bass bite has been solid with a few Fish Ohio!-sized bass being reported.  Action has been most consistent by anglers using chartreuse and shad colored spinner baits.

Zepernick Lake (Columbiana County) - Leaping to another type of report, frog season opens this Friday, June 10, 2011 at 6:00pm and will run through April 30, 2012.  Only bullfrogs and green frogs may be legally taken.  Not more than 10 may be taken or possessed at any time.  Frogs may not be shot except with a longbow and arrow.  Zepernick Lake and surrounding water can offer some exciting late night action.  Enjoy the season and be safe!


Veto Lake (Washington County) - Crappie, sunfish, catfish and largemouth bass have all been biting at this 160-acre lake.  For crappie, fish a minnow under a bobber at two-feet off the bottom along woody vegetation.  For sunfish try worms or minnows fished under a bobber.  The best locations have been near the picnic shelter and the boat ramp.  Fish for largemouth bass using crankbaits - green colors hold this week's popular vote.  Cast out along banks, quick drop-offs and vegetated areas and reel in slowly.  Channel catfish can be fished for at night using cut baits, chicken livers and night crawlers.  Several channel cats have been reeled in weighing eight to 12 pounds.

Tycoon Lake (Gallia County) - An 18-inch minimum length limit is in effect on this 204-acre lake, and helps to produce top quality largemouth bass angling.  Use rubber worms or spinner baits along the old fencerows or over other submerged structure.  Bluegill have been caught by anglers using jigs and wax worms fished a few feet deep.  For dusk to dawn fishing opportunities, fish for channel cats using chicken livers, night crawlers or other cut bait in shallow areas.

Acton Lake (Preble County) - Good numbers of channel catfish are being caught by anglers using shrimp, cut bait, and chicken livers fished on the bottom under a bobber or by tight lining baits on the bottom.  Successful catfish areas include the more shallow waters near the boat ramp or along the dam.  Night fishing produces the best results.  Bluegill, six to eight inches in length, are being taken on redworms or wax worms fished around woody cover found in six to 15-foot depths.

Great Miami River & Twin Creek (Montgomery County) - The GMR is producing many saugeye and walleye. Although not large in size many 10 to 12-inch fish are being caught.  Methods vary by location and experience but minnows are really hot now.  Try them under a small jig and with a twister tail fished fairly slowly along the bottom.  This is a great combination for about anything in the river including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, saugeye/walleye and channel catfish to name a few.  Twin Creek is a pristine smallmouth location.  Use a canoe, kayak or jump on in with your old shoes or waders for some hot smallmouth action.  Tube baits are popular as well as crayfish imitations, minnows or small spinners.  When the river is at normal pool is the best and safest time to fish/boat it and it is easy to find the deep pools.  The big fish lay in these pools to keep cool so give these spots a try.


Meldahl Dam to Cincinnatti (Clermont and Hamilton Counties) - Channel catfish are being taken in good numbers all along the river. Try chicken livers, shrimp, or night crawlers fished on the bottom.

Greenup Dam (Scioto County) - Anglers along the concrete walkway and the riprap of the Greenup tail waters have had fair success fishing hybrid striped bass and white bass using cut skipjack or live shad.  Successful artificial baits included white jigs with a three-inch twister tail.  Sauger fishing has been fair with average catches ranging from eight to 14 inches.  Water clarity has been murky at times during rainfall events.

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